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Back in 1979, after several years as a high school mathematics teacher, track coach, and soccer official Phil Hessemer joined Axxess Information Systems in Mountainside New Jersey a Prime Information dealer and software development company as a programmer. Phil became involved with the Pick O/S and the early years of Prime Information, a derivation of Pick running under Primos on the Prime minicomputer platform. Work at Axxess involved Pick to Prime software conversions, and designing and developing software applications for the Apparel industry and then colleges with a College Administration software product called AIMS. Phil became a project manager providing implementation services, support, and training for these colleges nationwide. One of his biggest challenges was the expansion of AIMS to meet the needs of a large university.

At this time Phil also developed a business relationship with Educational Activities Inc., a provider of teaching resources on record albums and cassette. EA was an early pioneer in developing software tutorials on the early PCs of the day such as the TRS-80, Apple II, and the Commodore Pet. Phil developed and published a series of math software tutorials for the classroom.

In 1983 AXXESS closed its door, a group of schools acquired ownership of AIMS, and Phil started The Watchung Software Group, a partnership providing software services, support, and training to users of AIMS within the college market. It was during this period that Phil got his first exposure to Revelation and Cosmos at the Bank Street School of Education in NYC and he soon developed a single-user application using RevF.

In 1985, he joined Cogent Information Systems, a Prime Information development company, where as the manager of the training department he focused on developing a Revelation and Prime Information training program. Focus soon shifted entirely to the Revelation product line where he was instrumental in Cogent becoming a charter Revelation Authorized Training Center, a beta site for AREV 1.0, and assisted with the planning of the first Revelation conference in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1988. Phil established a close relation with Cosmos and eventually Revelation Technologies, wrote articles for Revelations magazine and Cogent's Cognition newsletter, and participated in the Revelation Developer Roundtables hosted by Revelation Technologies. Phil started up the Revelation Development Group within Cogent and was responsible for promoting Revelation and then Advanced Revelation to companies nationwide. He was eventually promoted to Vice President of Technical Services overseeing the entire company's development and training departments.

Phoenix Solutions was born in 1989 and as founder and President, Phil Hessemer made a commitment to the Revelation community, quickly becoming a Revelation Authorized Training Center, an Alliance Partner, a Ceridian Business partner, and established Phoenix Solutions as a leading provider of services to Revelation and Advanced Revelation users nationwide and in Canada. In addition to training and custom development, Phoenix converted applications from Pick to AREV and RevG to AREV.

Phil Hessemer participated in the Revelation Technologies Developer Roundtables, was a speaker and vendor at the Revelation Conferences, and an instructor for RTI for their AREV classes and Human Resource Product line.

Phoenix Solutions naturally became involved with OpenInsight 2.0 and was one of the first companies to participate in Revelation's OpenInsight Porting lab. Phoenix worked with Ceridian Employer Services as a training partner and Phil taught classes in AREV and then OpenInsight to Ceridian offices nationwide as well as at their National Sales Conference. Phoenix Solutions converted several clients' AREV applications to OpenInsight.

In 1997 after having supported an AREV based product called Sportspak - A Game Scheduling and Official Assigning Management System for several years, Phoenix Solutions acquired the product and formed a subsidiary company called MVP Software. Its mission was to manage and support the Sportspak product and eventually convert it from Advanced Revelation to Windows. This was at a time when the company felt that OpenInsight lacked the stability and robustness required of the Sportspak product, the web enabling of information required of the schools, and other requirements not available in the early releases of OpenInsight. So Sportspak was converted to Windows using Visual Basic and SQL Server. Sportspak is currently used by large school systems nationwide for scheduling athletic games, assigning officials, and facilities management.

Today Phil states "If we had the capabilities of the current version of OpenInsight available to us back then, it would have been a no-brainer and a much easier transition for both our developers and the users. We would have been able to convert Sportspak in half the time and cost. Sportspak has recently been converted to OpenInsight without any loss of functionality allowing for a more cost effective and easier to maintain product.

In 2009 a rebranding of the two companies took place with Phoenix Solutions and MVP Software officially being named MVP Software Inc. The company continues the custom software services and the product development which has been the two company's individual trademarks and success over the years.

MVP Software Inc. is a Solutions Partner with Revelation Software and continues to provide development of Windows based applications using OpenInsight and provides conversion services of legacy apps to Windows and the web using OpenInsight. In addition, the company continues to support applications in RevG, AREV, and OpenInsight.

MVP Software most recently announced a new software product called Sportspak AD which is specifically designed to address the various needs of the high school athletic director including Students, Team Rosters and Awards, Coaches and Certifications, Alumni, Facilities, Inventory, Budgets, Expenses, Game Scheduling, and Official Assignments.