MVP Software Inc. (formerly Phoenix Solutions Inc.) has been providing custom software solutions nationwide since 1989. Our business experience covers numerous industries and applications nationwide and includes:

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Some of the types of services we provide:

Needs Analysis and Design

MVP Software will meet with your representatives to discuss the task(s) to be addressed and develop a functional or detailed spec. The final spec can be developed by MVP Software or your own IS staff.

Custom Software Design

Our software development efforts include creating complete systems, building new modules to enhance existing applications, or modifying existing programs.

Conversion Services

MVP Software offers a full array of consulting services that provide custom software solutions for your company. Our focus is on solutions for the Multi-Valued community including those that have made an investment in systems based in OpenInsight, Advanced Revelation, Revelation, or the various MV flavors once known as the Pick O/S.

We realize you may have made an investment with your legacy application over the years. It works for you but you have a concern that your DOS or Pick software may no longer be reliable and supported with current hardware, server, and O/S trends. You also realize that you're not able to take advantage of opportunities and resources available with new technologies supported by Windows, the web, email services, and integration with other databases and applications.

MVP Software will work with you to provide a cost effective strategy to best leverage your investment, determine what needs to be re-engineered and what will easily port over.

If you have a Revelation, Advanced Revelation, or a Pick variety application call us to discuss a plan that works best for you.

Support of Legacy Applications

Do you have a software application written by a developer who is no longer to be found?

MVP Software can provide you with a support plan that can combine on-site or remote support.


Are you a developer or product company and need to supplement your resources?

MVP Software can work with you on a short or long-term basis allowing you provide your services in a timely manner when you are in demand, need to startup a new venture, or need to meet a critical deadline.

Call us at 908 889-4963 to discuss your requirements and work with us to design you a plan.

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