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MVP Software and Phoenix Solutions Rebrand

Since 1989 Phoenix Solutions has been providing custom software development, support, training, and conversion services. In 1997 MVP Software Inc. was formed as our product division for a series of sports based products we developed for school systems. Both companies have been running parallel and each community of users knows us as one or the other.

"I've recently made the decision to 'rebrand' our company under the name of MVP Software Inc. which we will now be formally known. The reasoning is to avoid any confusion and also since the two companies overlap as we often provide custom services to our product clients.", stated Phil Hessemer President of MVP Software Inc.

This initiative will involve a new website www.mvpsoftware.net (and email addresses) that we've recently launched highlighting all of our services and the announcement of our new product called 'Sportspak AD'. tailored specifically to high school athletic directors.

We thank all of the people and companies that we've have worked with over the years for your support. We look forward to continuing our relationships and providing you with solutions in the future.